Bible Talks

Term 3 2020

What example are you setting (2 Sam 13) 2 Sam 13 What example are you setting

Sermon (27 Sep 20)

Kids Talk (27-Sep-20)

The Lord has taken away your sin (2 Sam 12) 2 Sam 12

Sermon (20 Sep 20)

Kids Talk (20 Sep 20)


The Thing David did Displeased the Lord (2 Sam 11) 2 Sam 11


Kids Talk (13 Sep 20)


Be Strong in the Lord (2 Sam 10) 2 Sam 10 Be Strong in the Lord FB

God’s Kindness (2 Sam 9) 2 Sam 9

David’s Victories (2 Sam 10) David’s Victories (1)

The Forever King (2 Sam 7) 2 Sam 7 ForeverKIng FB


The Ark of the Gospel (2 Sam 6) 2 Sam 6 The Ark of The Gospel FB



The King Gives Victory (2 Sam 5) 2 Sam 5 The King Gives Victory FB


The End Does Not Justify the Means (2 Sam 4) 2 Sam 4


Term 2 2020

The Problem with Revenge (2 Sam 3) 2 Sam 3 The ProblemWithRevenge FB



The King is Dead, Long Live the King (2 Sam 2) 2 Sam 2 King is Dead



Dealing with Grief (2 Sam 1) 2 Sam 1 Dealing With Grief FB



Showing Love in Christ (1 Cor 16:1-24) 1 Cor 16 Showing the love of Christ FB



Back from the Dead (1 Cor 15:1-58) 1 Cor 15 Back From the Dead FB



Gifts that build up (1 Cor 14:1-40) 1 Cor 14 Gifts That Build Up FB


The Way of Love (1 Cor 12:31-13:13) 1 Cor 13 The Way of Love FB


God will build his church – Mick Alley (Matt 16:13-20)


Different Gifts, One Body, Many Parts (1 Cor 12) 1 Cor 12 OneBodyFB


Everything in its place (1 Cor 11) 1 Cor 11 EverythingInItsPlaceFB


Learning from History (1 Cor 10) 1 Cor 10 LearningFromHistoryFB


All things to All People (1 Cor 9) 1 Cor 9 All things to all people

Term 1 2020

Looking Out for Others (1 Cor 8) 1 Cor 8 LookingOutForOthers


Honour God with your bodies (1 Cor 7) 1 Cor 7 Honour God with your bodies


He is not here, He is risen! (Luke 24 – Easter Sunday) HeisRisen



It is Finished (John 19 – Good Friday) ItIsFinishedGoodFriday2020


Who is this Man? (Palm Sunday – Matt 21:1-11) WhoIsThisManPalmSunday


Courting Trouble (1 Cor 6) 1 Cor 6 Courting Trouble

Having a Healthy Holy Church (1 Cor 5) 1 Cor 5 Holy


Authentic Servants of Jesus (1 Cor 4) 1 Cor 4 AuthenticServants


I am the Bread of Life (8/3)


Temptation of Jesus (1/3)




There’s no I in Team 1 Cor 3 No I in Team


Wisdom from where? (1 Cor 2:6-16) 1 Cor 2_6_16_WisdomFromWhere






What you really need to know (1 Cor 1:18-2:5) WhatYouNeedToKnow




United we stand, divided we fall (1 Cor 1:1-17) 1 Cor 1_1_17_UnitedWeStand




Summer 2020

Resurrection (1 Corinthians 15) Resurrection




Adoption (Galatians 3:23-4:7) Adoption




Justification (Romans 5:12-21) Justification




Propitiation (Romans 3:21-31)  Propitiation



Term 4 2019

The Light of the World (Luke 2:22-40) LightOfTheWorldLuke2_22_40






God’s Final Word (Luke 2:1-21) GodsFinalWordLuke2_1_21



The Horn of Salvation (Luke 1:57-80) TheHornofSalvationLuke1_57_80


The Mighty One has done great things for me MightyOneLuke1




No word from God will ever fail NoWordFromGodWillEverFailLuke1




Are you ready? (Luke 1:1-25) AreYouReadyLuke1



Consequences (1 Samuel 31) Consequences1Sam31




Finding Strength in the Lord (1 Sam 30) FindingStrengthInTheLord1Sam30



Don’t conform to the world (1 Sam 29) DontConformtotheWorld1Sam29


Is it God Speaking? IsItGodSpeaking1Sam28


Dealing with Doubt DealingwithDoubt1Sam27




God’s way, not our way GodsWayNotOurWay1Sam26



Term 3 2019

Dealing with Injustice (1 Sam 25) DealingWithInjustice1Sam25



Overcoming Evil with Good (1 Sam 24) OvercomingEvilWithGood1Sam24




Ask before you Act (1 Sam 23) AskBeforeYouAct1Sam23




The Cost of following God’s Anointed (1 Sam 22) CostofFollowingAnointed1Sam22




The Power of Fear (1 Samuel 21) PowerofFear1Sam21




Waiting in the Meantime (2 Thessalonians 3) WaitingintheMeantime2Thes3





God’s Majesty and Ours (1st Sep)








What does our Church look like (25th Aug)




Walking on Water (18th Aug)




Stand Firm (11th Aug – 2 Thes 2) StandFirm2Thes2



Reality of Heaven and Hell (2 Thes 1) TheRealityOfHeavenHell2Thes1



True Love (1 Sam 20) TrueLove1Sam20



Term 2 2019

God’s Providence (1 Sam 19)  GodsProvidence1Sam19



Having a humble heart (1 Sam 18) HavingAHumbleHeart1Sam18



Foolishness of God is wiser than human wisdom ( Sam 17) FoolishnessOfGod1Sam17




The Lord looks at the Heart (1 Sam 16) LordLooksatTheHeart1Sam16



To Obey is better than Sacrifice (1 Sam 15) ObeyorSacrifce1Samuel15



God’s Care (1 Sam 14) GodsCare1Samuel14




Faith as Small as a Mustard Seed (1 Sam 13:16-14:14)  MustardSeed



Who are we trusting in? (1 Sam 13:1-15) Whoarewetrustingin1Sam13



Being true to our DNA 



For the sake of His Great Name ForTheSakeofHisGreatName1Sam12



To be served or to serve ToBeServedorToServe1Sam11



Term 1 2019


Is this what you asked for? IsThisWhatYouAskedFor1Sam10




God’s way, not our way GodsWayNotOurWay1Sam9_10



The Tomb (Matt 27:55-28:15) Matthew27_28_TheTomb



The Glory of the Cross (Matt 27:11-54) GloryOfTheCross



See your King comes to you (John 12:12-19) SeeYourKingComesToYou



Responses to the King (John 12:1-11) John12_1_11_ResponsestoTheKing



Living as a Child of Light (1 Thessalonians 5:12-28) LivingAsAChildOfLight



Preparing for Christ’s Coming (1 Thessalonians 5:1-11) ChristsComing



Parousia (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18) 1 Thes 4_13_18_Parousia 



Pleasing God (1 Thessalonians 4:1-12) 1 Thes 4_1_12_PleasingGod



Authentic Love (3rd March – Ian Warrell)


How much do we care? 1 Thes 2_17_3_5_HowMuchDoWeCare


God’s Blueprint for Ministry 1 Thes 2_1_16_BluePrint


Chosen, to imitate Christ (1 Thessalonians 1:4-10) 1 Thes 1_4_10


Faith, Hope & Love (1 Thessalonians 1:1-3) 1 Thes 1_1_3


Redemption (Exodus 5:22-6:12 & Romans 6:15-23) redemption


Salvation (Habakkuk 2:1-5 & Acts 16:16-34) salvation


Substitution (Leviticus 16:1-16 & Hebrews 10:1-18) substitution


Revelation! (Ps 19:1-4; Ex 3:1-4 & 2 Tim 3:14-17) revelation


Term 4 2018

Here is your God (Isaiah 40:1-11; Luke 2:22-40) HereIsYourGod

See, Your Saviour Comes (Isaiah 62:6-12; Luke 2:1-11) Christmas Day SeeYourSaviourComes 

Good News! (Isaiah 52:7-12; John 1:1-14) GoodNews

Promises, Promises! (Genesis 17:15-19; Isaiah 7:14; 9:1-7) PromisesPromises

1st Great Promise (Genesis 1:31, 3:1-19 & Heb 2:5-18 1stGreatPromise

The Anointed One (Luke 4:14-30) TheAnointedOne

Surely the Day is coming (Malachi 4:1-6) SurelyTheDayIsComing

God’s Jewels (Malachi 3:16-18) 

Robbing God (Malachi 3:6-15) RobbingGod

A call to be faithful (Malachi 2:10-3:5) ACallToBeFaithful

Give God the Glory (Malachi 2:1-9) GiveGlorytoGod

How have you loved us (Malachi 1:1-14) HowHaveYouLovedUs

Term 3 2018

Prayer and Witness (Colossians 4:2-18) PrayerAndWitness

Relationships for our new life in Jesus (Colossians 3:18-4:1) Relationships

Christ, our Life (Colossians 3:1-17) ChristOurLife

Freedom in Christ (Colossians 2:16-23) FreedomInChrist

Alive with Christ (Colossians 2:6-15) AliveWithChrist

Benefits of Growth Groups

Saved by Grace GraceAndSalvation

Being a servant of the Gospel (Col 1:24-2:5) BeingAServantOfTheGospelCol1

The Supremacy of Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:15-23) TheSupremacyOfJesus 

Being a well-balanced Christian (Colossians 1:1-14) WellBalancedChristiansCol1

Give us a King to lead us (1 Samuel 8) GiveUsAKing1Sam8

Ebenezer: Stone of Help (1 Samuel 7) EbenezerStoneofHelp1Sam7

Term 2 2018

Approaching The Holy God (1 Samuel 6) ApproachingTheHolyGod1Sam6

God is in Control (1 Samuel 5) GodIsInControl1Sam5

God Cannot be Mocked (1 Samuel 4:12-22) GodCannotBeMocked1Sam4

Is God in the Camp? (1 Samuel 4:1-11) IsGodIntheCamp1Sam4

Here I am, Lord (1 Samuel 3:1-4:1a) HereIAmLord1Samuel3

Honouring God (1 Samuel 2:12-36) HonouringGod1Sam2

Rejoicing in the Lord (1 Samuel 2:1-11) RejoicingInTheLord1Sam2_1_11

Hannah Dedicates Samuel (1 Samuel 1:21-28) HannahDedicatesSamuel

Hannah’s Prayer (1 Samuel 1:1-20) HannahsPrayer1Sam1_1_20

Being Content (Phil 4:10-23) BeingContent 

Finding Peace (Phil 4:1-9) FindingPeace

Not about us – All about Jesus! (Phil 3) NotAboutUsAllAboutJesus

Term 1 2018

Partners of the Gospel (1 Kings 19:19-21 & Phil 2:19-30) PartnersInTheGospel 

How should we live? (Psalm 95 & Phil 1:27-2:18) HowShouldWeLive

Meaning of Life (Isaiah 55:6-13 & Phil 1:12-26) MeaningOfLife

Praying for our Church (Psalm 138 & Phil 1:1-11) PrayingForOurChurch

The Cornerstone of our Faith (Psalm 118 & 1 Cor 15) JesusTheCornerstone  

Entry To the Most Holy Place (Mark 15:16-41) EntrytotheMostHolyPlace

Making Disciples B2B_9_MakingDisciples

Being a Disciple of Jesus B2B_8_BeingADisciple

Living a Spirit Filled Life B2B_7_LivingASpiritFIlledLife

The Obedient Christian in Action B2B_6_ObedientChristian

Glorify God in Word & Prayer (1 Cor 10:31; 6:19-20; 2 Tim 3:10-17; Phil 4:4-7)

Lordship and Obedience (John 15:1-17; Matthew 7:21-23; Luke 6:46-49)

Assurance of Salvation (1 John 5:1-12; John 10:22-30 & Matt 6:25-34)


Crossing Over from Death to Life (Rom 5:12-13; Eph 2:1-9 & Rom 10:9-11)


The things you have heard me say (Deut 31:1-8 & 2 Tim 2:1-13)


Where does my help come from (Psalm 121)


Finding Rest (Psalm 62)


The Christian’s Armoury (Eph 6) Ephesians6_10_22_ChristiansArmoury


Term 4 2017

Responding to the King of Kings (Matt

2:1-18) Matthew2_1_18_RespondingToTheKingofKings 

Glory to God, Peace to Humankind (Christmas Day)  Luke2_1_20_GloryToGodPeaceToHumankind  


Your will be done (Christmas Eve) Luke1_26_38_YourWillBeDone

Christ-Centred Relationships (Ephesians 5:21-6:9) Ephesians5_21_6_9_ChristCentredRelationships


Responding to Persecution (Acts 4:1-22) Acts4_1_22_Responding to Persecution

Wake Up! (Ephesians 5:1-21) Ephesians5_1_21WakeUp

Unfinished Business  

Ephesians 4:17-32 Sermon Epesians 4 17 – 32

What is Church Acts2_42_47_What is Church

Christianity for Dummies Acts2_14_41_ChristianityForDummies    

Ephesians 4:1-16 

Rooted in Love Ephesians3_14_21RootedInLove 

Spirit Enabled Acts2_1_13_SpiritEnabled

The Mystery Revealed Ephesians3_1_13MysteryRevealed

Soli Deo Gloria (Glory to God Alone) SoliDeoGloria

Sola Gratia (Grace Alone) SolaGratia

Solus Christus (Christ Alone) SolusChristus

Sola Scriptura (Scripture Alone)


Sola Fide (Faith Alone) SolaFide

Term 3 2017

God’s Plan (Genesis 50:15-26 & Acts 2:22-24) CafeChurchGod’sPlan24Sep17

One Body, By One Spirit (Eph 2:11-22) Ephesians2_11_22OneBodyByOneSpirit 

Waiting on the Lord (Acts 1:12-26) Acts1WaitingontheLord

Once Dead, Now Alive (Ephesians 2:1-10) Ephesians2_10_OnceDeadNowAlive

Mission Possible (Acts 1:1-11) Acts1MissionPossible

Connecting to God’s Power (Eph 1:14-23) Ephesians1ConnectingtoGodsPower

He is Risen Indeed (Mark 16:1-8) Mark16_1_8_HeIsRisenIndeed

Count Your Blessings (Ephesians 1:1-14) Ephesians1CountYourBlessings



Burial of the King (Mark 15:42-47) Mark15_42_47_BurialOfTheKing

Return to the Lord, your God (Hosea 14) Hosea14IReturntoGod

The Curtain was torn in two (Mark 15:33-41) Mark15_33_41_TheCurtainIsTornInTwo

I will redeem them from death (Hosea 13) Hosea13IWillRedeemThemFromDeath

Suffering Servant (Mark 15:16-32) Mark15_16_32_SufferingServant

Maintain Love & Justice (Hosea 11:12-12:14) Hosea12MaintainLoveAndJustice

Trading Places (Mark 15:1-15) Mark15_TradingPlaces

In View of God’s Mercy (Hosea 11:1-11) Hosea11InViewOfGodsMercy

Lessons from failure (Mark 14:66-72)

For it is time to… (Hosea 10) Hosea10ForItIsTimeTo

Term 2 2017

I AM (Mark 14:53-65) Mark14_I_AM

What happened to the Fig Tree? (Hosea 9) Hosea9WhatHappenedToTheFigTree

Scripture must be fulfilled (Mark 14:43-52) Mark14_ButScriptureMustBeFulfilled

Careful what we sow… (Hosea 8 & Galatians 6:1-10) Hosea8BeCarefulWhatWeSow

Remaining Faithful in Tough Times (Mark 14:27-42) Mark14_RemainingFaithfulWhenTimesAreTough

What we are like and what God is (Hosea 7:13-16 & Titus 2:11-15) Hosea7WhatWeAreLikeWhatGodIs

The Greatest Commandment (Matthew 5:17-20 & 22:34-40) Cafe Church Jun 25th

Nothing can be hidden from God (Hosea 7) Hosea7GodisWatching 

The Lord’s Supper (Mark 14:12-26) Hosea5TheyWillEarnestlySeekMe

What God wants (Hosea 6) Hosea6WhatGodWants

Follower’s Preparation and Test for Christ’s Death (Mark 14:1-11)

They will earnestly seek Me! (Hosea 5) Hosea5TheyWillEarnestlySeekMe

Jesus is coming back! Are you ready? (Mark 13:24-37) Mark13_24_37_JesusIsComingBack

Who are you following? (Hosea 4) Hosea4WhoAreWeFollowing

Be on your guard (Mark 13:1-23) Mark13_1_23_BeOnYourGuard

Love that Forgives (Hosea 3) Hosea3_1_5_LoveThatForgives

Are you holding back? (Mark 12:41-44)  Mark12_41_44_AreYouAreHoldingBack

Turning our Valley of Achor into a Door of Hope (Hosea 2:14-23) Hosea2_14_23_DoorOfHope

Whose Son is the Messiah (Mark 12:35-40) Mark12_35_40_WhoseSonIstheMessiah

Faithful or Unfaithful (Hosea 2:2-13) Hosea2_2_13_FaithfulOrUnfaithful

The Two Great Commandments (Mark 12:28-34) Mark12_28_34_TwoGreatCommandments

You want me to do what exactly (Hosea 1:1-2:1) Hosea1_1_2_1_YouWantMeToDoWhatExactly

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There’s Signs (John 1:29-34 & John 2:1-11) 2017-04-30 Toukley John 1 and 2 – Signs signs

Term 1 2017

The Cornerstone of Our Faith (Mark 12) Mark12_1_12_CornerstoneOfOurFaith

Peace Be With You (John 20:19-31) John20_19_31_PeaceBeWIthYou    New  Elder Induction     

Easter Sunday – I have seen the Lord (Psalm 16 & John 20:1-18) John20_I_Have_Seen_The_Lord

Good Friday – The Passover Lamb (Exodus 12:21-23 & John 19:16-42) John19PassoverLamb 

The Ultimate Superhero! (John 15:13; Matt 27:11-65 & Luke 24) Cafe church 9th April

Hosanna! Hosanna! Crucify Him! Crucify Him! (Matt 21:1-11 & John 19:1-16) John19_HosannaHosannaCrucifyCrucify

Supreme Authority (Mark 11:27-33) Mark11_27_33_SupremeAuthority

The Offer of a LIFE-time – Don’t Miss It (John 7)

Starting a New Life (Romans 6) 

A True Followers of Jesus is… (John 18) John18ATrueFollowerOfJesusIs

A Different type of King (Mark 11:1-11) Mark11_1_11_A_Different_Type_of_King

God is Glorified By… (John 17) John17GodisGlorifiedBy 

Your Faith Has Healed You (Mark 10:46-52) mark10_46_52_yourfaithhashealedyou

Grief to Joy (John 16:16-33) john16grieftojoy 

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit (John 15:26-16:15) john15thepersonandworkoftheholyspirit 

The Problem with Riches (Mark 10:17-31) mark10_17_31_theproblemwithriches

What to Expect (John 15:18-25) john15whattoexpect 

 January 2017 – Summer of Psalms

Words of wisdom on wealth and death – Psalm 49 (29-Jan-17) psalm49wordsofwisdomonwealthanddeath

How to be Thankful (Psalm 100) psalm100howtobethankful

The Lord lives! – Psalm 18 (15-Jan-17) psalm18thelordlives    

Teacher, don’t you care if we drown – Psalm 44 (8-Jan-17) psalm44teacherdontyoucareifwedrown

What is Man – Psalm 8 (1-Jan-17) psalm8whatisman 

Christmas 2016

God Himself Will Redeem His People (25-Dec-16) godhimselfwillredeemhispeople 

The Lord Himself with give you a sign (18-Dec-16) propheciesofjesusbirth

Term 4 2016

Christmas Carols Talk – What Christmas is all about (Immanuel) christmasauditionservice2016

Bad Shepherds, Good Shepherd (Jeremiah 23:1-8) jeremiah23_1_8_badshepherdsgoodshepherd

Jesus, Children and the Kingdom of God (Mark 10:13-16) mark10_13_16_jesuschildrenandgodskingdom

Turning Grief into Joy (Esther 9-10) esther_9_10_grieftojoy

Marriage and Divorce (Mark 10:1-12) mark10_1_12_marriageanddivorce

The Great Reversal (Esther 8-9) esther8_9_thegreatreversal

3 Rules for Being a Disciple (Mark 9:42-50) mark9_42_50_threerulesofbeingadisciple

A Matter of Life and Death (Esther 7:1-10) esther7amatterofliveanddeath 

Fighting the wrong enemy (Mark 9:38-41) mark9_38_41_fightingthewrongenemy

What a difference a day makes (Esther 6) esther6whatadifferenceadaymakes

True Greatness (Mark 9:30-37) mark9_30_37_truegreatness

Stand up and be counted (Esther 5:1-14) esther5standupandbecounted

I do believe, help me overcome my unbelief (Mark 9:14-29) mark9_14_29_i_do_believe_help_me

For such a time as this (Esther 4:1-17) esther4forsuchatimeasthis

A Mountain Top Experience (Mark 9:2-13) mark9_2_13_amountaintopexperience

Why does it seem that the wicked prosper? (Esther 2:19-3:15) esther2_3_whydoesthewayofthewickedprosper

God’s Way, not our way (Mark 8:31-9:1) mark8_31_9_1_godswaynotourway

What is God doing? (Esther 1:1-2:18) esther1_2_whatisgoddoing

Term 3 2016

Introduction to Mental Health First Aid pdf-notes-toukleytalk pdf-slides-toukley-talk

The True Vine and the Branches (John 15:1-17) john15truevineandbranches

Seeing things more clearly (Mark 8:22-30) mark8_22_30_seeingthingsmoreclearly

I will not leave you as Orphans (John 14:15-31) john14iwillnotleaveyouasorphans 

Being Part of God’s Family beingpartofgodsfamily

The Way, The Truth and The Life (John 14:1-14) john14thewaythetruththelife 

By this everyone will know… (John 13:18-38) john13bythiseveryonewillknow

Do you still not understand (Mark 8:1-21) mark8_1_21_doyoustillnotunderstand

Go Low (John 13:1-17) john13golow

Gift From the Father,Gen 33:1-11.John  14:15-31. gifts-from-the-father

The Incomparable Jesus incomparablejesus 

A Messiah for All People Mark 7 Mark7AMessiahForAllPeople

I have come into the World as a light John 12:37-50 John12IhavecomeintotheWorld

Family Pressures: Co-Parenting & Peer Pressure FamilyPressuresCoParentingAndPeerPressure

The Hour has Come John 12:20-36 John12TheHourHasCome

Source of Pollution Mark 7 Mark7TheSourceOfPollution

Reactions to the King John 12:1-19 John12ReactionstotheKing

Take Courage! It is I. Don’t be Afraid! Mark 6 Mark6TakeCourageItIsI

Who’s in Control? John 11 John11WhosInControl

Term 2 2016

He Gave Thanks & Broke the Loaves Mark 6 Mark6HeGaveThanksAndBrokeTheLoaves

I Am The Resurrection and the Life John 11 John11IamTheResurrectionAndTheLife  

The Cost of Standing up for God’s Truth Mark6TheCostOfStandinUpForGodsTruth

What to do in the Waiting Room Habakkuk3WhatToDoInTheWaitingRoom 

Shake it off! Mark 6:1-13

God is on His Throne! Habakkuk 2 Habakkuk2GodisOnHisThrone

A Risk of Faith Mark 5:21-43 Mark5TheRiskOfFaith

A Dialogue with God: Why? Habakkuk 1:1-2:1 Habakkuk1ADialogueWithGodWhy 

Go Tell What the Lord has done for you Mark 5:1-20 Mark5GoTellThemHowMuchTheLordHasDone

No One Can Snatch Them Out of His Hand John 10:22 John10NoOneCanSnatchThemOutOfMyHand 

Jesus Calms The Storm Mark 4:35-41 Mark4JesusCalmsTheStorm

The Good Shepherd John 10:1-21 John10TheGoodShepherdAndHisSheep

The Kingdom of God Mark 4:21-34 Mark4GodsKingdom

Was Blind But Now I See John 9:1-41 John9WasBlindButNowISee 

The Four Soils Mark 4:1-20 Cafe 5-Jun-16 Mark4_1_20_FourSoils

Greater Than Abraham John 8:48-59 John8GreaterThanAbraham 

True Family of Jesus Mark 3 Cafe 29May16 Mark3_13_35_TheTrueFamilyOfJesus

The truth will set you free John 8:31-37 John8TheTruthWillSetYouFree

Parenting: Being an Imperfect Parent (Roger Stonehouse) Cafe 22May16 Parenting The Imperfect Parent

The Light of the World John 8:12-30 John8TheLightofTheWorld

How are you following Jesus? Mark 3 Cafe 15May16 Mark3_7_12_HowAreYouFollowingJesus

Grace and Truth John 8:1-11 John8GraceAndTruth

What Religion Are You? Mark 3 Cafe 8May16  Mark3_1_6_WhatReligionAreYou

No One Ever Spoke Like This Man John 7:45-53 John7NoOneEverSpokeLikeThis

More Feasting Mark 2:23-28 Cafe 01May16 Mark2_23_28_MoreFeasting

Rivers of Living Water John 7:25-44 John7RiversOfLivingWater 

Term 1 2016 

Fasting or Feasting Mark 2:18-22 Cafe 24Apr16 Mark2_18_22_FastingORFeasting

Judging by Appearances John 7:1-24 John7JudgingByAppearance

Follow Me! Mark 2:13-17 Cafe Church 17-Apr-16 Mark2_13_17_FollowMe

This is a Hard Teaching John 6:60-71 John6ThisIsAHardTeaching

Faith that Heals Mark 2:1-12 – Cafe 7-Apr-16 Mark2_1_12_FaithThatHeals

I am The Bread of Life John 6:25-59 John6IamTheBreadOfLife 

It is I, don’t be Afraid John 6:16-24 John6ItisIDontBeAfraid 

Easter Sunday It is True, the Lord has Risen Luke 23:50-24:35 ItIsTrueTheLordHasRisenLuke23_24 

Good Friday Full Access to the Father Luke 23:26-49 FullAccesstotheFather

Palm Sunday Matthew 21:1-11 PalmSunday

Christian Revolution Matthew 20:17-28 ChristianRevolution

Whose Authority are you under – Mark 1 – Cafe church Mark1_WhoseAuthority

Christian Charity ChristianCharity 

The Power of Faith PowerOfFaith 

The Beginning of the Good News – Mark 1 – Cafe Church Mark1_1_13_GoodNews

Capturing the Vision CapturingTheVision 

How to Make Disciples HowtoMakeDisciples 

Cost of Discipleship CostOfDiscipleship 

Why Discipleship WhyDiscipleship 

Call to Discipleship CallToDiscipleship 

The Trellis and The Vine TrellisAndVine 

Living with a Living Hope (Andy Warner) 1 Peter 1 1-12 Toukley 

Responding to a Trustworthy God (Andy Warner) Jeremiah 31 31-36 Toukley 







Miscellaneous Talks

Disability Talk (Jericho Road) Rev. Jason Forbes Luke14DisabilityTalk